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The characters themselves also look fine. I was also annoyed that Starfire has a magical transformation sequence right out of Sailor Moon , with an added focus on her bare butt as her miniskirt wraps around it. The animation is workable at best, with some of the designs feeling clunky or mediocre. Eager to see Starfire in a swimsuit, Robin decided to scrap the plans to build the senior center to build a pool instead. To their dismay, Cyborg became incredibly controlling once he got a hold of their headquarters.

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Unfortunately, their victory didn't erase the fact that they ate humans disguised as desserts on a regular basis. Ever since they shifted the animated movie to the New52 story I have yet to enjoy any of it. In most comic lore, Beast Boy not only retains his human intellect, but can also communicate much in the same way that he always has. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. On the left side we have characters from the future; on the right those from present day. Unfortunately for the hero, his instructor turned out to be a thief who used him as his personal getaway driver. The New Teen Titans , a highly-popular comic series during the s.

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As it turns out, Raven had competed in softball before, but she became upset after being hit and in a fit of rage, ate the entire opposing team. For many, the concept of Batman's kid sidekick growing up and stepping out of his mentor's shadow will seem like quite a novel concept. Tags: teen titans , titans. While this unintended side effect is certainly inconvenient, Beast Boy catching a cold could obviously be much worse for everyone around him. This one for me is a flop in a series of declining quality of DC animated movie. Feature Mike Cecchini Apr 27, Irked by the outcome, Cyborg and Beast Boy started to order more pizzas, hatching various plans to stop the delivery guy from delivering their food in a timely manner.
She is the princess of her home planet, Tameran, Starfire has vivid auburn hair and very tan skin. But the announcement indicated that there would be "many others" involved, too. Just after these visions, in the monitor room, Jon panicked and accidentally started to unleash his Solar Flare power. For some strange reason, Teen Titans Go! The bottom cell has a skeleton arm hanging out, meaning Raven either let a creature die, or killed it herself. Desperate to get back at her husband, the woman took up Silkie as her new lover, and their relationship was as disturbing as it sounds.
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