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Under section 11, there is no requirement that B is actually aware of the activity, although there is a requirement that B is present or can observe. Code for Crown Prosecutors considerations Paragraph 4. This can be a difficult thing to do and again it is important to have the support you feel you need. Section 14 1 creates an offence which is a substantive inchoate offence. Apart from the criminal charges, he was also served with 27 Serious Disciplinary Offences Report SDOR — these are administrative actions taken on members of the Constabulary. If you find that any of these elements have not been proved beyond reasonable doubt, then you must find NOA not guilty of sexual penetration of a child aged 16 or

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A large proportion of women are targeted in places such as nightclubs, restaurants and shops. Where the sexual activity in sections 30 and 31 involves penetration, the offence is indictable only with a maximum sentence of life imprisonment, otherwise it is either way with a maximum sentence of 14 years on indictment. Positions of trust are defined in section 21 and 22 e. He is facing eight charges, including two counts of aggravated sexual penetration of a child under 13, three of aggravated indecent dealing and one of attempted sexual penetration. The prosecution has to prove only two facts.

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This conduct should be charged as rape contrary to section 1 of the Sexual Offences Act and not buggery contrary to section 12 of that Act. Search for Search for. Part 1 sets out the available sexual offences and Part 2 the notification requirements sometimes referred to as the sex offenders register and the range of civil preventative orders. Penalties The offences in sections 9 and 10 are indictable only with a maximum sentence of 14 years where penetration occurs within subsection 2 of those sections. In cases where a defendant admits sexual activity with a child under 13 but states that the victim consented, the proper course is to invite the court to hold a Newton hearing.
Each document is available as a PDF download. However, the intention of Parliament is that anyone who engages in sexual activity with a child under 13 should be prosecuted with one of the offences specifically designed to protect such children. Although not essential for an offence under section 14 1 Archbold , age is usually averred as a matter of practice where the girl is under If you suspect that you may be under investigation, or if you have been charged with an offence, it is vital to get competent legal advice as early as possible. Two - the accused intended to take part in that act of sexual penetration. Section 47 creates two separate offences because the maximum sentence differs depending on proving penetrative or non-penetrative activity R v Courtie [] AC
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