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Bo at 27 is no longer the shy, insecure youngster who blossomed on screen five years ago with Dudley Moore in ' One of many movies written and directed by John Derek where he just used his young 30 years his junior wife, Bo Derek, as eye candy. Although Bo Derek is indeed beautiful and is nude through a good half of the production, she lacks the acting talent to sustain a film by herself while poor direction on the part of her husband makes the film dull and boring. James Hetfield heads to rehab, Metallica cancels Australian tour. And this one is no different. American Horror Story. But the screen's blonde sex symbol doesn't see herself as such.

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Derek's own vision of the 12 nude minutes she'd agreed to, said her lawyer, ran to ""waterfalls, sunbathing on a beach, riding a horse. There is something ludicrous about seeing Bo Derek in the deep, dark jungles of 19th century Western Africa, for she is such a product of late 20th century America. Well deserving of its poor reputation. The 80s favourite nymphet plays a virgin again like in John's Tarzan the Ape Man. Aaron Carter debuts new face tattoo. And this one is no different. Sep 28, I wish I could give this less than one star.

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Ironically a man with the same name. Cast Peter Hooten Bo Derek. Fantasies is a R-rated English language drama film produced in Germany. Originally shot in , which makes Bo Derek sixteen, this sat on the shelf for eight years until , right when America was approaching peak creepiness. To call her a bad actress is to make a gross understatement. Early on, John and Bo were smitten with each other. When she is supposed to be frightened, she squeals: when she should laugh, she giggles; and when she should weep, she whines.
Actually the picture is a fantasy about a girl in the s who sets out to lose her virginity to a romantic sheik like Rudolph Valentino. The fact that it was a one-piece suit was of no consequence because nothing was left to the imagination! Nevertheless, he is successful at times, and provides the film's few entertaining moments. Our values about nudity are misplaced. But he really can't be blamed for that: Most of his interactions are with Jane, so Harris must cope with the unenviable task of bouncing his lines off Bo, which is like bouncing a casaba melon off cement. From the off the ADR is bad, the dialogue is horrible which might be why the ADR is so bad, the poor actors having to enthuse about bathtubs and bitten ears and the plot doesn't seem to want to actually get started and everything is extremly laboured and wooden. The 80s favourite nymphet plays a virgin again like in John's Tarzan the Ape Man.
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