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Shurley Brothers Custom Rifles and Stocks. The removable cartridge holder with separate strap and velcro fastener can conveniently be worn on the arm or can be attached to the stock of your rifle. As noted, with a little adjustment time our test team became comfortable handling and shooting the thumbhole-stock version. The unique lower position of our thumbhole opening results in the most natural feeling thumbhole yet designed. Discover the Blaser product innovations ! The Dual Grip enables easy access to safety and bolt handle just as in the conventional grip. While turkeys can see versions of red, blue, and white, their finely tuned vision will alert them to danger more often from hunter shotgun movement than whether the firearm is blue, black or camouflage.

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The new Blaser gun covers combine classy loden with elegant cowhide leather details and are available for rifles and combination guns in size "short" or "long" and as sleek shotgun slipbag. The change of caliber is easily done by changing the barrel, the bolt head and the magazine insert. On average, the shotgun produced 13 hits in head and neck vital areas of the target with No. We have a concern about safety access and follow-up shot performance, but neither factor would be a deal breaker. We decided to check out two models of O. Our Team Said: First-shot performance and providing a steady and stable shooting platform were the main plus points for the thumbhole-stock version of the Mossberg Model

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If you are a woodchuck, prairie dog, or rock chuck hunter, this stock would be a great start. Fitting the bill as a short, easy-to-maneuver brush gun, the camouflage Mossberg is only We have been building some of the finest most accurate rifles in the country for the last 10 years, with each year being better than the one before. Thumbhole Stocks Thumbhole stocks provide a hunter with more control over there rifle while at the same time offering reduced felt recoil. We strive to build rifles that are as accurate as they are beautiful. As noted in the comments below, recoil from the 3-inch shells in both shotguns was not particularly pleasing during the patterning tests. The recoil of the shotgun set the pump action in motion to chamber another round, and sight acquisition down the barrel after the first or second shot was easy to accomplish.
This stock in particular, is one of their most interesting designs. This is the lightest setting on the LPA and makes touching off a shot a very pleasant experience with reduced chance for flinching. Crossover Stocks - The Wenig Crossover stocks are designed for either the right-hand shooter who shoots with his left eye or for the left-hand shooter who shoots with his right eye. Yet you can use them with some success in trap and less so in skeet, 5 stand, sporting, etc. I had a stroke in March 09 40yrs old and duck hunted in Nov. Been there I thought sinceTHIS is a gun forum someone might know of somewhere to get one sorry to have woke you up.
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